Ensemble music and lessons are structured so pianists work together on polishing a piece of music together. Usually two pieces each semester with an end of semester performance at an Ensemble Open House. There is some sightreading of new music as time allows but the primary focus is learning two selections each semester.

Ensembles are open to the wider community of piano teachers and students in the Los Angeles metro area. If you can get to Pasadena on a weekly basis, you are welcome. The rehearsal space is located at a residence with five acoustic pianos all year round to accomodate anyone’s schedule.




Piano ensembles are available for children and adults, from beginning through advanced levels. Matching students by skill level fosters compatibility so team members are neither frustrated or bored. This is best accomplished at the beginning of a piano ensemble semester. However, open seats can become available at any time. Please call to find out if there are open seats.




Students can join an existing ensemble with open seats or start a new ensemble with their friends. Teachers can direct their own student rehearsals or send your students to David for ensemble only experience. Call for further details.

New ensembles start at the beginning of a semester (in February and September) A minimum one semester commitment is required. The culminating end-of-semester performance is a rich experience that deepens the learning of skills. Ensemble work is so impactful that the results are way beyond what can be achieved practicing alone at home.


Some ability to read music is required although there is no sightreading requirement. If ensemble members have sightreading skills there are opportunities for sightreading during rehearsals.

Pianists must commit to at least one semester because they become members of a team. The team depends on each student pianist’s attendance at rehearsals.

Books and Tuition

Students must purchase the music so they can take it home to practice. The ensemble scores are published in separate books. Each book is between $7 and $25.00. Generally, two books are needed for a semester.

There is a modest fee for each rehearsal. David Cutter’s students pay a weekly tuition which pays for both a private lesson and the ensemble rehearsal. For other students and teachers, please call for free trials and scheduling. After a free trial we can discuss fees.

Call David Cutter for more information
(626) 260-1615