Private lessons or group lessons? Ideally, both. Each form has different advantages so it’s best to combine them to develop a well rounded pianist. A teacher has the best chance of solving a student’s playing problems working one-on-one. In group lessons students inspire each other which creates an intensity of study. Private and group lessons together lead to rapid progress.

Students make the quickest progress by taking weekly private lessons, practicing every day and participating in either group or ensemble lessons. One-on-one lessons are best for introducing new skills and concepts. This is the time to delve deeply into the music and for the student to demonstrate progress and receive directed instruction.

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It is best to take both private and either group or ensemble lessons. Doing both is the quickest way for a student to develop and integrate their playing skills and artistry. A variety of instructional approaches works best and creates the richest student experience. This also offers different windows into the many unique qualities of David’s teaching style.

Pianists, because they play alone for the most part, are notorious for having weaker skills than orchestra musicians who must have precision skills in order to play together. Rhythm skills most notably. Group lessons solve this problem and have several advantages that enhance private lessons. When students play together they have to use all of their skills at the same time. This is a powerful way to integrate skills on the way to becoming a solid musician.

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There is a proper technique with which to play the piano just like there is for violin or any other musical instrument. In piano, the technique is subtle and because a decent sound can be achieved merely by pushing down the keys, many pianists do not learn the correct technique. Artistry at the piano depends on making the right “hand gesture”. David Cutter teaches the correct technique by demonstration from the very first lesson.

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A range of performance opportunities are available for David’s students. Traditional formal recitals, informal adult salons, group lessons and piano ensembles are all available. End of semester recitals and piano ensemble performances feature the semester-long work of these student pianists. In addition, As a member of the Music Teachers Association of California, David’s students can also participate in the highly regarded evaluation program called Certificate of Merit®.

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The piano is the only keyboard instrument that is capable of producing a wide range of tone from single key just by how the finger strikes that key. Artistry at the piano is about developing the finger and hand motions needed to produce this wide range of tone. There is much to learn in order to achieve this and the most important thing is how to develop an internal motivation for practicing.

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Many people are concerned about the cost of piano lessons being prohibitively high. At David Cutter’s studio, there is a weekly tuition rate not hourly. It is our goal to make real piano education available to as many who want it, as is possible.

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