A group two to five students playing music and drills together. The teacher leads drills, pairs students to drill each other and works individually with students as needed. Group lessons promote precision as students have to play together. Piano ensembles are two to five pianists learning and playing from one musical score with multiple parts. In piano ensembles students work with a musical score to learn the phrasing and shaping of a piece of music. Ensembles combine the fun and artistry of music with the precision of group work. In both group and ensemble lessons students get to enjoy the piano as a social experience.

Piano Ensembles

Another advantage of group lessons is how they support a child who might feel nervous or self conscious when working with an adult. A group lesson allows a student to work with peers which reduces nervousness. A good example of this is solfegge training. Solfegge training is the name for the familiar Do Re Mi system. Singing or humming is the way to learn these skills. A child is less self conscious singing with peers than alone with a teacher.



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