Reviews and Testimonials


Norman Dupon, Pasadena, California
David Cutter is the best piano teacher in the San Gabriel Valley! I love the piano teams. He is very compassionate, caring and motivated to make you successful as a pianist. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or accomplished pianist, his method of teaching teaches you fundamentals and shows you how using your wrists and hands for shaping lead to better reading and piano artistry. David incorporates the teaching of N. Jane Tan, an International Steinway Artist at the Well Prepared Pianist Institute. I have never heard of another piano teacher who uses this method of teaching. David has a second piano next to the piano you are playing and shows you the necessary skills you need. Once you see the particular skill performed, it becomes easier to master. He also plays his piano at the same time you play cementing the skill in your memory. For piano teams, several students and David meet once a week to practice music in five parts. He has a separate studio with five real pianos. The music we play are arrangements created by N. Jane Tan. Each student has a different part and David is very patient in making sure each student is in harmony with the other students. In essence, it is like a duet with five pianos instead of two. I know of no other teacher who teaches this way.

Elizabeth N. Pasadena, CA
We love Mr. David! He has such a warm nature with piano instruction, and a real love for his craft. He taught our four-year-old daughter piano and was always ready to try new ideas and help her develop a love for music and piano. We are in the process of moving to another state, and are so sad to say goodbye to lessons with him. It’s obviously not easy to teach such young learners, but he was always enthusiastic and generous with his time and understanding of the ebbs and flows of young minds. Our daughter absolutely loved lessons with him. She learned to count fingers for piano, symbol recognition, to establish pulse, and wrist movements that will help her muscle memory as she pursues piano in the future. She had an especially fun time making up songs with Mr. David, and dancing while he played. 
Though she was not old enough to learn to read music with him yet, she benefitted so much from her time with him, and learned from his contagious love of music. 
We can’t recommend him highly enough!


Jennifer B. Pasadena, CA
We feel very lucky to have found David! Our shy 12 year old son began taking lessons with David almost four years ago, and has developed into a beautiful, confident player who will sit at a piano and play without music. What is special about David’s program is the ensemble or “team” aspect. When one or more play together they are able hear and keep the rhythm more accurately than when alone. They are asked to cue the team which builds confidence because they are acting as a leader in the moment. Plus the kids look forward to seeing each other! 
When our son was nine David gave him an opportunity to play in a recital at the Steinway showroom in Beverly Hills. There were kids of all ages from other programs performing. It was stunning to hear the difference in the tone, timing and musicality our son was able to bring to his performance. It was noticed by the other music teachers as well as parents. It was a beautiful, unforgettable moment for us. Fun fact: the piano Ryan Gosling played in La La Land was there! 
David also gives our son an opportunity to chose a song he likes and turn it into a piano piece. He is currently working on the theme song to a James Bond movie. Last time he chose a current song by Marshmellow. By doing that our son was excited about working on it. David has always given our son opportunities to make choices which empowers him. He speaks to our son like he is a mature person and makes sure he understands before moving on.
During Covid, David has created a situation where we feel comfortable continuing lessons. Our son has his own handwashing station before entering, they keep distanced and the pianos are sterilized between every player.


Michie J. La Canada, California
My daughter age 12 and son age 14 have been taking the piano lesson with Mr. David Cutter for almost a year. My daughter has made a smooth transition from her older piano teacher to Mr. Cutter without any issues, but my son had a difficulty with piano lesson at his age. However, Mr. Cutter being a former public school teacher, he patiently worked with my teenage son, and now he practices piano without being told to do so. We appreciate Mr. Cutter’s patience with our children.
His passion for piano is evident in his lesson with our children. Mr. Cutter works well with children to adults. I highly recommend his piano lesson to everyone who is just starting or looking for a new piano teacher.


“Thank you so much for a fun awesome experience”
“I love playing the piano”
“You rock! Thank you for teaching me piano. I love it.”
“I am amazed every week by your passion and love for the piano.”
“Thank you for your inspiration, it will always be cherished.”

“You’ve taught me the beauty and fun in the piano.”
“For the first time in my life, I think that I will be able to sit down and enjoy playing lots of different music.”
“You are an amazing teacher. No teacher before has even come close to getting rid of the “hesitations” that make my playing have a lack of flow.”

Piano Ensembles
“Thank you so much for this once in a lifetime experience.”
“It has been so much fun to have the opportunity to play piano with other pianists.”