A Summer Opportunity

Hello Westridge Community,
The summer program I’m offering is a weekly Team Piano rehearsal with a culminating end of summer performance. 
Location: Northwest Pasadena
Time: TBD based on interest. It can be a weekly or biweekly rehearsal. My current teams have rehearsals from 30 minutes for young children to 90 minutes for adults. I can envision a longer rehearsal if there is interest. 
Cost: $200 for a weekly 30 minute rehearsal. $600 for a weekly 90 minute rehearsal. 
The performance date will depend on participating students and their school start dates. 
Put simply, pianists can’t become functioning musicians unless they can play with others.
I am a professional piano teacher and an active member of the Music Teachers Association of California in the Pasadena branch. About 10 years ago I was able to take private piano lessons with an International Steinway Artist. I learned some really important and amazing things.
One of those was the concept of Team Piano. I’ve been directing my own teams in the form of weekly rehearsals for the last ten years. I must say that the results I’ve witnessed made me decide to offer these rehearsals to students of other teachers.
Now I want to make these benefits available to the Westridge community.