Concert pianist Artur Rubenstein said that he could make a piano key sound eighty-three different ways! It takes time to develop skills like this and discovering an internal motivation is critical to achieving a daily practice that will develop the four memories and the artistry needed to move past being a beginning pianist.

Having a good teacher and a decent instrument are important elements of finding that internal motivation. A student discovering and connecting to the composer’s musical intention using their own piano, helps create that internal motivation. David guides students to finding this experience.

Many people think that it is the amount of time spent practicing that determines progress. But it is actually the focus on achieving specific goals during each practice session that moves a student forward. Yes, it is essential to practice every day regardless of how little time you have. It is far more important to focus on goals. Be goal oriented not time oriented. Focus on practicing your goals every day or as close to it as possible no matter how little time you have. And you have to love the piano to achieve a daily practice. A good teacher will inspire a student to discover that love.