The Benefits of Piano Study

First of all, it’s a lot of fun. Knowing how to play the piano contributes an extraordinary depth to life. Piano lessons create rich rewards making them the gift of a lifetime. A child’s aptitude for other academic disciplines is also greatly improved, making music study one of the best educational investments a parent can provide their child.

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Brain Development






Piano study also enhances brain development and function. For young children, the piano makes the brain grow in unique ways. This growth increases academic aptitude as well as increasing a child’s ability in many surprising ways. Adult brains of any age benefit from the unique mind exercise of piano playing.

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Compelling Scientific Research




There are many studies confirming that piano study is indeed very impactful on brain development. Brain imaging has shown that pianist’s brains are stuctured differently than non musicians in these two principal ways.

1. Increased size of the bridge (Corpus Callosum) between right and left hemispheres.

2. The Frontal Lobe has extremely efficient connections compared to non-musicians. Here are several studies in support of these conclusions.

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Here are nine more benefits of piano study:


1. Enjoy greater self expression
2. Develop mental flexibility and memory
3. Develop greater musical appreciation
4. Make family time richer
5. Learn to play music you like
6. Sightread music for fun
7. Perform for family and friends
8. Gain a lifetime of musical enjoyment
9. Be part of a rich tradition





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